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Where to go for Nightlife in El Nido, Palawan

In broad daylight, El Nido is ideal for relaxing on the beach and taking in the island’s tropical vibes. While at night, you'll discover that there are many opportunities for having fun, most of which involve making new friends and lasting experiences.

There is a wide selection of things to do in El Nido including nightlife activities where you can party or unwind after dark. This guide will help you get the most out of your night outs in El Nido, from underwater activities to bars with live music where you can dance till dawn.

Pukka Bar

Pukka Bar is a lively beach bar and the go-to late night spot for tourists looking to end their night the right way. It boasts a big dancefloor with a DJ, an outside decking area overlooking the stunning beach, and tables and chairs on the second floor for people who just want to relax, socialize, and listen to music. They play reggae music during the day and early evening, while EDM and dance music are played in the late evening. After an exciting day at the beach, most people head to Pukka Bar to extend the fun and experience a night to remember.

Night Diving

Whether day or night, El Nido doesn’t disappoint when it comes to fun and exciting things to do, and one of the activities you wouldn’t want to miss out on is Night Diving. Bacuit Bay is a great spot to try night diving as it houses various underwater creatures, some of which are only visible at night and will amaze you. The enjoyable adventure starts before the sunset as the boat departs El Nido’s beach going to a nearby shallow area where you can see turtles and fish sleeping, as well as seahorses, shrimp, and crabs swimming around. Those who want to experience night diving for the first time must however have to be guided by an instructor.

SAVA Beach Bar

Sava Beach Bar is a beachfront bar that is famous among both partygoers and casual drinkers. It is a perfect spot to grab a drink and be surrounded by people who are looking to have fun. You can relax and enjoy the sunset in the early evening, then come back later in the night to find a more festive scene. They have a wide range of drinks and tunes that will surely give you that wild nightlife experience. SAVA Beach Bar also has a decking area that expands into a spacious dancefloor, allowing tourists to party like there is no tomorrow.

Full Moon Party

The full moon is celebrated every month in El Nido as it is a wonderful opportunity to capture its energy and use it to manifest your dreams. There are many exciting things to expect in a full moon party such as having fun with plenty of people from different nationalities, wearing vibrant face paint, and dancing the night away. It is a great opportunity to enjoy the music with an ice-cold drink in your hand while dancing in the moonlight.

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