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The Ultimate El Nido Guide: Things to Know before Traveling to El Nido

After a year in quarantine, the idea of escaping to a slice of paradise must be so tempting. Longing to feel the warm rays on their back as they bask under the summer sun or feel the sand tickling their toes as they walk across the beach. Fortunately, El Nido is now welcoming local tourists back on their shores. But before you book your flights here are a few things you need to know before traveling to El Nido.

The local government of El Nido requires domestic tourists to have a QR-Coded Tourist ID or QT-ID that will serve as your entry ticket to various attractions and establishments. To acquire a QT-ID you will need to submit a copy of the following documents to the El Nido Tourism website:

1. Confirmed Flight Booking

2. Confirmed Booking Accommodation

3. Travel Itinerary for Tours

4. Negative RT-PCR Test Result

5. Accomplished Health Declaration Form

6. Copy of Valid ID


As of this writing, AirSwift is the only airline that has a direct flight to El Nido. Domestic tourists can also travel to El Nido via Lio Airport, Busuanga Airport, Puerto Princesa Airport or the San Vicente Airport. To ensure a smooth travel experience, make sure that you have your Booking confirmation, QT-ID, Traze App, Stay Safe App and Negative RT-PCR results handy at all times.


Book your stay in hotels or resorts that have been accredited by the Department of Tourism (DOT) so you can have peace of mind and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Guests will be required to electronically check in and check out using the QT-ID.


While trips to the mainland beaches are not yet allowed, tours for island-hopping and scuba diving are allowed. Make sure to book your tours with a travel agency or tour operator that has been accredited by the DOT and has the local government’s Local Seal of Compliance.

RT-PCR Result

A negative result from a swab or saliva RT-PCR test must be obtained 72 hours before your flight – 48 hours if you’re entering through the Puerto Princesa Airport. Keep a printed copy of the result with you because it must be presented upon your arrival to your destination.

After getting tested, you are expected to quarantine yourself until your flight to ensure the safety of all other tourists.

QR-Coded Tourist ID aka QT-ID

Once you have confirmed the bookings for your flight, accommodation, tours and have your negative test results you can then apply for a QT-ID.

Go to the El Nido Tourism website ( to fill out the information sheet and submit the required documents. Once verified, you will receive an email confirmation containing your QT-ID . Print your QT-ID, save a digital copy on your mobile and keep both with you at all times.

Stay Safe and Traze App

Make sure to download the Stay Safe and Traze apps on your mobile device for a smoother travel and touring experience.

Other Reminders

· Dining in at restaurants are not allowed so tourists are encouraged to pack their own food and drinks when going around. Just remember that single-use plastics are still prohibited.

· Scuba divers are expected to bring their own mask, snorkel and diving gear as rentals are temporarily discontinued.

· Observe the wearing of face shields, masks, social distancing and proper handwashing at all times.

Once you have your QT-ID and have taken note of all the on-island practices that you need to observe you can look forward to your well-deserved getaway.


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