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Bird Watching in El Nido

While El Nido is mostly known for its beaches and beach-related activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, and swimming - El Nido is also a paradise for bird watchers. Aptly named “The Nest” the island itself boasts over a hundred species of birds composed of endemics, migratory, and residents which you can hear or see all day just by being on the island.

Lagen is the 3rd largest island of 45 islands and islets in Bacuit Bay and it also has the densest forest over limestone and plays host to various animals making it the ideal location for birdwatching.

If you’re planning on going to Lagen make sure you bring an insect repellent, a cap, binoculars, a notebook to document your sightings and a camera. But avoid flash photography!

Before you begin with your birdwatching, remember the “Stop, Look, Listen, Repeat” mantra to help you in identifying the bird species you might encounter during your trek. When looking for birds, scan your surroundings for any odd shapes or shadows. Try to think about where a bird might perch or keep an eye on the sky.

One of the first avian you’ll hear is the loud Palawan Hornbills, which are endemic to El Nido, they’re usually up early in the morning feeding so you can easily spot them if you wake up before sunrise.

During low tide season, you might be able to sight an Eastern Reef Egrets or two hoping to catch their next meal.

Check out the cliffs for a colorful sighting of a Stork-billed Kingfisher and Common Kingfishers. As you move into the forest trail, you might meet a White-Vented Shamas surrounding the area. Those are just a few of the birds that you’ll see on Lagen island when you visit.

After a full day of birdwatching you can head over to the bar and enjoy a refreshing drink as you watch the sun set.


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