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Honeymoon in El Nido: Where to Go, Places to Visit, and more

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Looking for a romantic getaway for your upcoming honeymoon?

Say “I do” to El Nido for an ideal honeymoon escape and get ready to fall deeper in love in an unspoiled paradise in the Philippines. The island boasts raw and unaltered beauty that’s very much like a love story that’s just unfurling before your eyes - new, exciting and breathtaking.

Avoid the crowd and book a private tour to drink up the many awe-inspiring sights that El Nido has to offer. Visit Las Cabanas Beach for a magnificent view of the bright orange sun as it sets over the horizon and enjoy delicious food and drinks from the many beach bars.

El Nido beaches are the ideal honeymoon escape so you can relish a relaxing day on the white beaches as you enjoy a tropical drink with your beloved spouse. Go on a relaxing swim through crystalline waters to celebrate love among the colorful fishes and other friendly sea critters.

While El NIdo has a lot to offer in terms of magnificent sceneries above the water, the underwater views are a definite must-see. Choose from a variety of dive sites and you both might be lucky enough to behold reef sharks, barracuda and turtles.

Or you and your beloved can forego the usual honeymoon itinerary for an adventurous journey that will send a different kind of thrill thrumming beneath your skin. Experience an upgraded magical carpet ride with a 750-meter long zip line that will have you flying across the ocean of Las Cabanas beach to Depeldet Island.

Rent a kayak to access the peaceful turquoise waters of the Small Lagoon for a serene afternoon of floating or kayaking. The Small Lagoon isn’t the only place to visit though so make sure to use this opportunity to uncover the secret beaches for a truly romantic retreat.

Take the plunge into the natural pool of the Nagkalit-Kalit Waterfalls, located between El Nido town proper and Nacpan Beach. Choose between the big or small falls to jump from for an exhilarating and refreshing swim.

No matter what you choose to do during your getaway, relish newly-wedded bliss in the magical and unforgettable El Nido.



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