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Best 5 Beaches in El Nido, Palawan

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

There's no better way to experience the beauty of El Nido than by visiting the beautiful beaches. World's best island Palawan is home to scenic islands, turquoise waters and beautiful white sand beaches.

Nacpan Beach & Calitang Beach

Nacpan and Calitang beaches, also known as Twin Beaches, are situated beside each other and can be found about 45 minutes north of El Nido town.

Nacpan Beach is considered to be the most famous beach in El Nido. Spanning 4 kilometers of fine white sand, lush greenery and turquoise waters makes it a great area to take photos.

The smaller beach is Calitang and it can be found right next to Nacpan. On the southwest tip of Nacpan, is a small hill that offers the best view. The Twin Beaches was formerly a secret hideaway not known to tourists but has recently garnered attention due to its picturesque and unspoiled beauty that is definitely a must-see.

Seven Commandos Beach

Another one of El Nido’s well-known beaches and a featured stop in the Tour A package is the Seven Commandos Beach. Located west of Papaya Beach, is a 320-metre-long strip of sand where you can enjoy crystalline water and towering limestone cliffs.

Duli Beach

Duli Beach is another uncrowded and remote beach in El Nido. It's not easy to get to the beach but it's definitely worth the trip. The crystal clear waters roll onto the stretch of the white sands and palm trees.

Most commonly regarded as a surfer's paradise, Duli Beach is also a nesting place for sea turtles in the area.

Las Cabanas Beach

Las Cabanas Beach shares many of the same activities as Marimegmeg Beach and is also known as one of the best locations to view the sunset.

It is more developed with a line of resorts and various kinds of establishments can be found along the beach. However, despite being developed, the beach still remains clean and is not too crowded.

Dolarog Beach

Another beach that is famous for its sunset views is the Dolarog Beach. The beach is remote and can only be accessed by boat or walking, allowing this place to be a quiet haven perfect for tourists who just want to relax and take things slow.

The beach is also suitable for families because the sea is very shallow.



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