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Coron vs El Nido: Which Is Better?

Should you ever find yourself having to choose which place to visit and you can only visit one, then this can help you decide which slice of paradise to go to in Palawan.

This Coron vs. El Nido showdown will be split into three rounds: convenience on getting there, night life, and activities.

Getting There

You can also go to either Coron or El Nido via ferry but the more convenient option is by plane.

Direct flights to Coron are from El Nido, Manila, Cebu, Puerto Princesa, and Clark and the Busuanga Airport (also known as Francisco B. Reyes Airport) is a public airport that accommodates multiple airlines: AirJuan, AirSWIFT, Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, SkyJet and Sunlight Air.

While AirSWIFT is the only airline that charters flights directly to El Nido from Manila, Cebu, Boracay, and Coron. This is because Lio Airport in El Nido is privately-owned and operated by AirSWIFT.


If you’re looking for an evening of music, dancing, and mingling El Nido has the best bars to visit. Subasko Music Bar & Restaurant, Rooftop Bar, and Pukka Bar are some of the bars that you should check out when you’re in El Nido.

While both Coron and El Nido do have bars that you can visit for some late night drinking, Coron’s nightlife is more relaxed compared to El Nido’s. Island Boy, Kuridas, and the aptly named Hangover Bar are some of the faves for drinking and chilling while enjoying the laid back atmosphere of the beach.


El Nido and Coron have similar activities - you can go snorkeling, diving and join island hopping tours for both. Although El NIdo has more tour options.

Coron is known for the beautiful underwater sights and is rich in dive spots where you’ll find rock formations, shipwrecks, and immense colorful reef systems that are just waiting to be explored.

Another Coron highlight is the Maquinit Hot Springs which you can visit to soothe your tired body after days of diving, snorkeling, and touring.

As Coron is known for its underworld beauty, El Nido is also famously known for its magnificent beaches. Aside from sunbathing, visitors can choose from a variety of things to do on the island. Aptly named as “The Nest”, El Nido is a hotspot for birdwatching where you might be able to spot some tiny swiftlets.

There are also four different island tours to choose from so you can appreciate all the different sights El Nido has to offer. You can go kayaking and marvel at the limestone cliffs surrounding lagoons or you can explore the Cudognon Cave which is hidden inside a cliff.

For a more exciting experience, try ziplining as a faster alternative to island hopping, challenge the steep and jagged rocks of the Taraw Cliffs for an exhilarating view of the sunset and take the plunge into the natural pool of the Nagkalit-Kalit Waterfalls.

Coron and El NIdo may be similar and are often compared with each other due to their proximity but the experience is quite different. And you can probably guess that I’m not going to name one better than the other - as a tourist you can decide which one to visit depending on which itinerary you prefer.

If you’re the type that would like a more relaxed vacation and if you love diving, Coron will be a good option. But if you’re someone who enjoys having multiple activities and loves the nightlife then El Nido would be the perfect getaway to meet your expectations.


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